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AERIALIS September 09 Flyinn

The AERIALIS Team Flyers was gathered at the AERIALIS September 2009 FlyInn.

The wind and the weather was favourable for kite flying at quite a few people came by and watched the team flying, flew their kites, talked about kites, drank their coffe, and...

Well, generally we all had a really good time! (more)

Keywords: events

Deep Space UL

So it's finally here – the Deep Space Ultra Light (DSUL) has landed.

To say there has been a bit of wait would be understating things rather, as the kite has been in development in the Benson workshop for a little while now, and in serious development since the start of 2009. It's fair to say that Tim Benson doesn't release a new kite until he's completely happy with it. (more)

Keywords: review

R-Sky's new website

Finally... R-Sky's new website is online!

We have waited for quite some time now, but judging from the first impressions it was worthwhile. (more)

Keywords: miscellaneous