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Sabre II reviewed

Sabre II reviewed

Gentleman Video

Our friends over at Level One has made a cool video of their brand new kite, the Gentleman.

In this video you can see smooth pairs flying in what looks to be pretty perfect conditions.

This kite delivers!

You can download the video from Level Ones website ... here!

Keywords: new_stuff,video

NKM 2010 Video

Jesper has put together a great video that sums up the atmosphere at this years Nordic Kite Meeting.

Here's a bit of everything, kite flying, beach life, food and drink, more kite flying ...

 ...just a brilliant example of what it's all about!

Watch on Youtube...

Keywords: video

NKM 2010 Gallery

Despite low temperatures and dark clouds the Nordic Kite Meeting 2010 turned out yet another success.

The winds were favourable and clocking in at an average abour 3m/sec peaking at about 6. Definately conditions for quality flying!

Here are all my two hundred something pictures from the event.

Make sure to make a note in your calendar for June 2nd to 5th 2011. The dates for the next NKM! (more)

Follow us at the NKM2010

NKM2010Now you can follow us at the Nordic Kite Meeting 2010!

I've made an album on Facebook where I will upload pictures from the NKM2010 as the fun happens!

So make sure to take part of the virtual kite fun!

Direct link.

Keywords: events

VF15 - Second Promo!

Make sure to join in on the fun!

The 15th round of the Virtual Freestyle is on and five 4Ds from Prism Kites are up for grabs.

Find your camera, hit the field and shoot your flying!

You might get lucky! (more)

Keywords: events