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Team Event

AERIALIS Team FlyersIn the weekend of August 28th - 29th, AERIALIS Team Flyers and friends gather at Ekeberg, Oslo for an informal practice weekend.

Hopefully the weather will be nice and bring out the best conditions for flying.

If you want to take a closer look at team flying in action, please drop by. We'll be on the field from approx. 11:00 am both days .... unless it's bucketing down ;-)

See you at Ekeberg!

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AERIALIS August FlyInn

FlyInn!Finally the FlyInn was granted with great flying weather!

The last couple of FlyInns were not so successful. Rain and calm weather isn't exactly dream conditions for kite flying, but on the 15th of August  we had blu skies, sunshine, and a nice breeze coming in from a northerly direction. The temperature was hovering about +23C and made the conditions great.

A lot of kite enthusiasts took advantage of the conditions and gathered at the field for an super day of flying.

I'll let the piccies tell the story.... (more)

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